Wild Donkey

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Wild Donkey is a brand that starts from a passionate research around the world, putting his hands in the stalls of the most important or remote vintage markets, and then faithfully reproduces both the shapes and the state of aging of the garments with artisanal treatments in addition to prints and embroideries with the original techniques of the time. Their passion has become a mission. In the 1950s / 60s / 70s, American students proudly wore their logoed hoodies no matter what school they attended. Colleges, universities, clubs, fraternities, sports teams, their t-shirts and sweatshirts still throw us into that dream of a mascot and cheerleader. In the same years, the soldiers involved in the Vietnam War painted their shirts with scenes lived during that terrible experience or wrote their hopes, leaving a large jersey diary to subsequent generations. In motorcycle shortruck or acceleration races on the great salt lakes or in the desert, the strongest riders also wore the coolest t-shirts, such as the bowling teams with their bright colors and names embroidered on the heart or the hand-printed anchors. by the sailors. Until the late 1970s, T-shirts and sweatshirts were a powerful vehicle of communication but not yet of promotional messages for profit but as a form of emotional and life expression.