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Sebago is an American brand that has 74 years of history, The first boat shoe dates back to 1948, but the patent is sold to Uniroyal. In 1950 Sebago-Moc reached a turnover of 1 million dollars and, in 1952, the daily production increased to 2000 pairs of shoes: a new factory was built. In 1965 the company also began selling in Europe, thanks to the partnership with the entrepreneur Francisco Gaudier. In 1963 the production of women's shoes begins; in 1970 the sailing model Docksides® was launched on the market, another best seller of the brand. With the occasion, the company name is simplified to Sebago®. Among the most popular styles you can find the Koala with the para sole, an icon of fashion and comfort, the Dan Classic College Loafer with leather or rubber sole, and the inevitable models of the Sebago Campsides® line.