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Arc'teryx has revolutionized the way of dressing outdoor performance. True symbol of outdoor adventure, it owes its name to that of an incredible creature from the Upper Jurassic period, in tension between earth and sky. The stylized image of this incredible being that is projected from the earth towards the sky today is the graphic symbol of "ARC'TERYX", a worldwide brand projected in all respects into the future. Its origins date back to 1990, the year in which the young Canadian climber Dave Lane intends to make his contribution to the technological evolution of outdoor clothing with the aim of creating clothes capable of moving with the wearer, a sort of second skin with very high performance. From the beginning, Arc'Teryx's goal has been "to create the best equipment and clothing for sport and the outdoors". Great attention is paid to the selection of technological partners: among these the collaborations with the legendary Gore-Tex® and Polartec®, world leaders in high-tech research applied to the textile sector, stand out. Arc'teryx's commitment to the creation of fully heat-sealed equipment and outerwear, with a perfect waterproof and windproof seal and performing even in extreme conditions finds in Gore-Tex® the ideal partner: soon, WLGore rewards the creativity and rigor of the Canadian brand with a licensing agreement that opens the field to disruptive synergies. At the same time, Arc'teryx technicians collaborate with Polartec® technicians to develop new revolutionary high-performance products, able to satisfy the most demanding outdoor professionals. But Arc'teryx's commitment is very intense also on the innovation front of construction techniques and design. Progressively, the Canadian brand integrates advanced solutions into the construction of its garments, such as - among others - the development of weight-saving and space-saving micro-seams and highly advanced taping techniques, the introduction of high-performance laminated components (think revolutionary WaterTight ™ zips or Zipper Garages ™ modeled zip channels), and fully thermoformed and helmet-compatible ergonomic hoods (Storm Hood ™, Drop Hood ™, Stow Hood ™). Exclusive research and development paths which, integrated by the know-how of the technological partners, continue to always achieve new goals.