Daniele Lepori

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The history of the Lepori shoe factory begins in Tuscany, in the 1950s. the young Dario Lepori was convinced by his sister to go to work in a shoe factory where she herself was employed. He starts from the basics, but within a short time he stands out for his innate talent for modelling, soon starting to design his own models. He loads his creations on his scooter to display them in the village markets, where they are noticed and appreciated. The demand for Dario's shoes continues to grow, so that in 1956 he decides to open his own shoe factory in Monsummano Terme (PT). Over the years his sons Daniele and Simone joined him. It is Daniele who focuses on the creative aspect and continues his father's creative path. Between the 70s and the 90s the business continued to grow more and more, also thanks to international collaborations as subcontractors for large brands, continuing at the same time the production of the Lepori line. In the 2000s, Daniele's 4 children also joined the team, who support him in his journey, continuing the tradition.