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Tricker's: Derby Shoes.

Tricker’s is, by all means, one of the greatest names in shoemaking, and it has been manufacturing the most refined bespoke footwear for over 180 years. Despite all this time, the company has strongly remained a family business, and is run by the same family: the Barltrops. In 1829, year of the foundation, Tricker’s pioneer, Joseph Barltrop, established the brand’s firm in Northampton; from that year on, the company has never moved away, staying true to its roots and tradtion. The name “Tricker”, however, appeared only years later, in 1862, when James Barltrop married Claire Louise Tricker. Claire’s surname was thought to be more commercial than Barltrop, and therefore the brand’s name changed from Barltrop into Tricker’s.

This derby shoe is the original Tricker’s shoe, made – of course – with the finest leather and following a meticulous construction process, which will make them withstand a lifetime. In other words: a timeless model that will never go out of style. Aside featuring metal eyelets and double leather stitch soles, this plain derby shoe is provided with a storm welt, a particular type of construction that sews a band of leather into the interface between the shoe upper and the sole. The storm welt is an extremely efficient water repellent, very important especially to the area where the upper meets the sole. In addition, the construction of the tongue, called the bellow tongue, follows a high standard process. The bellow tongue, in fact, effectively keeps out debris and improves – once again – waterproofing.



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