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The Wonderful Story of Oz'z

Oz’z, a newborn Italian brand, is delighted to introduce to you its very first Limited Edition collection, made of just three pairs of tattooed Buttero Tanino Leather Sneakers. 

Oz’z’s founders, tattoo artist Giovanni Cipolla, and Francesco and Stefano Antimi have, in fact, decided to debut on the market with a very special collaboration, with one of Italy’s most acclaimed fashion houses since 1974, Buttero. Buttero’s premium materials and meticulous care for details perfectly matched Giovanni, Francesco and Stefano’s intent to create something unique and stylish. Taninos are, in fact, constructed from prestigious Italian Vachetta leather, and are Buttero’s take on the classic everyday profile sneaker design, with a silhouette benefitting from their unique eye for form, proportion and style.

The idea behind this entire project came from a combination of various factors, which have been channelled to build an original and creative high-quality product.

Giovanni Cipolla is a well-known tattooist whose clientele comprehends very important names, especially within the Italian football league, while brothers Francesco and Stefano Antimi own Corsi Shop, a successful and dynamic retailer in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), and have dedicated their lives to preserving and enriching the menswear and women’s wear market with ground breaking ideas.


Oz’z’s first collection blends together the art of tattooing, which has recently reached its highest peak, with a high quality product made by Buttero.


The True Love theme sneaker is available in size 41.

The Kill Me theme sneaker is available in size 42.

The Spider Kid theme sneaker is available in size 43. 

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