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CORSI Shop is the evolution of eponymous shop of footwear accessories and apparel that, for the first time, will appeal to that segment of the market that dominates the consumption of modern society: e-commerce. CORSI was founded in 1948 by brothers Rinaldo and Romano. Today, the store is the third generation, and has continued to focus its work on the proposal of a quality product, not to mention the convenience and practical use of things, alongside an ever more detailed in customer care and purchased product and trying to differentiate itself in the 'ion of brands.

For over half a century CORSI Shoes stands out for the production of handmade shoes made to measure, especially for wedding couples and ceremonies, made entirely by hand. In most courses manufactures various types of repairs and modifications on shoes. CORSI Footwear has never stopped to appreciating of the local craft tradition as well as has never ceased to assert itself for its current style and for its ability to keep pace with the times, finding also confirmetion in the homogenization of the shop windows around the globe:

Tokyo, NYC, Londra, Parigi and last but not Florence.

Today the aim of CORSI Footwear is to expand its borders to bring its expertise online, sending its own style / artisan taste, through products that have the taste and the effort of hand-crafted. Products designed to last.

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via Cavallotti 23,
Sesto Fiorentino - FIRENZE - ITALY
Tel. +39 055 4489621 - P.I. 06600600487